This week I wanted to show how you don’t always have to spend a fortune to get some of the latest trends. All you really need to do, is do some research and always keep your eyes open when browsing through shops/ online stores.

These are just a few of the trends that are popular right now and also just an example of less expensive pieces I found.

So on the left you will see I have a pic of an expensive brand item and on the right hand side will be my dupe, for much less moola.

First off let’s look at over the knee boots:


On the left is a beautiful pair I spotted online – on sale for R929. Then on the right is a lovely pair from Mr Price which retails for R299. Now I do realize that the more expensive items listed here today are most likely made out of a more quality materials / fabrics and could last you for many years…whereas the cheaper version ones, are made a bit cheaper and might not last as long. However not everyone can afford such expensive items (including myself) yet you still want to rock the trend yourself without breaking the bank. So hence the more affordable versions are the way to go. They can still look beautiful and feel comfortable. You just need to look around for the right ones.

Next up is the Sock Boot: 


Ok so now this one I have seen so many influencer’s overseas rocking all spring. (Their spring time now). These boots look so girly and flattering and can be worn during winter with tights or jeans and even in spring with a pretty floral dress.

So I spotted these ones on the left online, on Spree, for R499. They actually were even reduced at one stage to R349, however at the same time I came across the ones on the right, from The Fix, for R359.  I actually have a friend who ordered the left pair and regretted it after getting herself another pair from The Fix. The Fix ones are apparently so comfy and can be worn all day without any fuss. The perfect example – just because they cost less doesn’t mean they aren’t as good, if not better than the pricier options.

Last one in the shoe category – is the combat boot:


These “Timberland” style boots have been around for years, and are still a casual trendy item this year. You can find many pricey brands with this style, just as an example I picked this pair I found online on Superbalist that go for R1999.Ok now these higher end boots are most likely made from leather, however not all of us can stretch our wallet that far. So in that case, I found these cool ones from Mr Price that go for R249.99. So now these are actually from the Men’s department in Mr Price, however I actually have this pair myself and they look identical to the women’s one – so no fear of looking clunky or chunky in them. They are so comfy and easy to wear. You can find this style boot in plenty other affordable retail stores too, but just be careful as some can tend to look really cheap in colour. So just look around before you buy.

Next is the classic and timeless Trench Coat:


This style coat comes in so many colours and with all different details, however for today I thought I’d stick with iconic beige trench. The left hand side one is found online on Spree for R799, compared to the right hand side one is R369.99 from Mr Price.  They both have very similar button and belt detailing as well as length. So you can definitely save yourself a few pennies here and nobody would know it didn’t cost a bundle 🙂

The next coat is this seasons popular – faux fur coat:


I’m not 100% sure I could rock this style coat myself, but have seen so many people look stunning in them! The left one is R1599 from Sperbalist, and although it looks hella cozy and chic, you could get a similar effect by purchasing the right hand side one, from Mr Price, for R349.99. No winter chill with this baby!

Lastly I thought I’d mention sunglasses:


The top pair and left hand side pair are pics from Sunglasses2u of Celine sunnies and they retail for around R3000 and up. The right hand side pair is one I picked up from H&M on sale for R70!  Now I know they are not identical in the least, but for a fraction of the price I still get my Celine-esk vibes on.

So that’s it for my round up this week of “getting the look for less”. I hope maybe you guys got a few tips or found something you like for yourself 🙂

I’m always keeping an eye out for popular styles at the fraction of the price…so will keep you guys posted on my other finds in the future.

Enjoy the rest of your week and chat again next week.

Love from the Giraffe



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