So for the month of July I thought I’d have a theme.  I’m going to be talking about some of the current tends that you can rock this winter.

So this week’s trend is going to be:


So I know we used to get told a few years ago, that Mathy matchy was so not cool – however that is so not the case in 2017. This trend is super popular with all types of celebs and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.



Denim is a basic and must have in every girls wardrobe. It’s comfy and sassy and can be dressed up or down. You can wear it summer or winter and it goes with every and any colour, so it is so easy to throw on without much thought. So how can you not love Denim!!! Now all you need to do is wear it top and bottom and you’re good to go 👌

The pics I added above are just some of my pinterest inspo for this trend. This week I’m going to be putting the trend to practice. Go follow me on Instagram and you can see my outfits for the week all surrounding my love of denim and this trend.

So here was today’s outfit:



The funny thing about this outfit – everything except the boot’s is acully from the men’s department haha! A trick for any tall ladies out there, who like me,  struggle the most to find jeans…think outside the box. Or in this case – outside your “gender section”  lol. I got these jeans a few months ago from Woolworths. I randomly decided to try out guys jeans as all the ladies ones are too short these days (with this damn cropped trend going on) so figured why not, can’t hurt to try. Total surprise -They fit like a bomb! Booya! My fiance actually has the exact same pair (twinsies haha) and they look completely different to mine.  I have lady lumps and bumps so they fit me the polar opposite to him.  Also I wear mine higher and tighter than a guy would so nobody would guess they are mens. Give it try – seriously! Same with the sweatshirt. This one is from Mr Price men’s department. I just find men’s sweatshirts are longer and more comfy – especially for a more casual look if I’m not keen on tight fitting.

Lastly the denim shirt…this one is one of my fave things in my closet as it has such sentimentality behind it. I love wearing this shirt as it is comfy and slouchy…and it was my dad’s ❤ He passed away 3 years ago so I love wearing one of his fave shirts.  And just as a bonus – slouchy shirt and jackets are in fashion whippee.

So it’s a full on manly outfit rocked by a lady. There are no rules in fashion. It’s all about having fun and wearing things that make you happy. That’s what I love about fashion! So go have fun and experiment with oodles of denim. Also go follow my Instagram if you want to see more.

Have a great week ahead chikadees.


the Giraffe


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