Let’s talk trend No.2

Hey there guys!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and has managed to survive the dreaded first day of the week.

This week’s blog post is going to be about Trend No2 that you should be trying this winter, to follow suit after last weeks post. So I’m pretty sure you can guess this week’s trend by now – it’s Milennial Pink!!

Now you might not have known that this is what it’s called – but I can guarantee that you have seen it around none the less. Now this is not one specific shade of pink we are talking about here – it is a range of shades of pink from a soft candy pink to more of a subtle blush tone or even a mix between a beige and a peach.  So it is usually a mix of subtle and dusty/dirty shades of a pink-mix. Not your typical barbie hot pink.

I seriously have hopped onto this tend’s bandwagon! I adore the girly – prettiness of this trend, its so subtle and beautiful, without it being too in your-face-kinda bright. You will actually find this trend reaching from make-up, to clothing and even interior design. And I love it all!! (*OK calm yourself Katya…deep breaths! )







So seriously…this trend works on everyone, there are such variety of tones and shades that you can definitely find something to suit your taste and colouring. Start off with something small if you are unsure if this is for you.  Maybe try a simple top of some accessories even. Most likely you will love it and want to give more a try!

So I’m going to do like I did last week, and post an outfit everyday, inspired by this Millennial Pink trend. So go follow me on Instagram if you want to see what I choose to wear this week. So this pic below is today’s outfit:


I chose to go with this pretty ruffled pink top from The fix. It’s girly and feminineand I just loved it – especially since ruffles are another trend, so two for one here haha!

I just paired it with my ripped black jeans I got at Christmas time from River Island, along with my wellie boots from Woolworths. It was pouring rain so I figured the wellies were a fitting option! Water proof + warm = winter goals! lol.

So that guys, is this weeks trend download.

I hope if you haven’t given this trend a try yet, that after reading this you will hopefully go for it. Go-on!!! (said in my Irish accent). It really will surprise you!

Have a fabulous week ahead lovelies.

Chat to ya soon,

The Giraffe


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