Hey guys,

So this week’s trend I wanted to discuss is the work-wear trend!

No longer are suits and tailored pants meant for only men/women in the work force. This style of dressing has been rocked by women for years, however it has now leaked over from the office to the streets. Women everywhere are wearing this trend regardless of where they work. It is a very flattering and classy trend that I think looks stunning on women of all shapes, sizes and ages.

Think tailored trousers, pretty blouses, blazers, collared shirts and high heels.  Now those don’t need to be all worn at the same time…nowadays people like to mix it up a little and maybe wear the tailored pants look but with sneakers or flats. It all about putting your own spin on it and above all – being comfortable!!! If you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes,  then there is no point forcing yourself to wear them.

Her are some Pinterest pics for inspo regarding this trend:




One of my fave UK bloggers and YouTuber’s, is Victoria from @inthefrow.  She is the perfect example of how to nail this power house trend all while still looking young and sassy. (See below & main header image)

2017-07-17 09.59.392017-07-17 10.00.19Screenshot_2017-07-17-13-07-30-01


I just realised that it probably want the best idea to share her beautiful pics right before I share my first outfit in this trend for the week haha. Oh well….here it goes anyways.

This was today’s outfit with the work-wear trend in mind:



I chose this skirt from The Fix which has this pretty cross-over detail in the front along with a nice front slit. Together with this knitted top and neck piece set (from Little Gem here in Hermanus) and a pair of nude heels. It was actually so cozy and warm even in this cold winter weather. Both fabrics of the skirt and knitted top have a jersey feel to them. So it had comfort, warmth and also the work-wear vibes.

Follow me on Instagram if you would like to see more of my work wear Inspired outfits this week.

Have a great week ahead guys and I’ll chat to ya soon.

The Giraffe


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