Hey guys!

So we are heading towards the end of July (can you believe it) and almost at the end of my “must try” trend’s list for the month.

So this week is probably one of my fave must try trends…hmm I’d say its pulling tie actually, with the millenial pink trend…it’s the Sporty wear trend! Call it Sporty Chic or Sport luxe…either way it’s a definite must. This trend is uber comfy and most likely something you already incorperate into your style.

So basically this trend is about mixing sporty pieces into your streetwear/ everyday style. So for example like adding some sneakers with a cute mini skirt and top…or adding comfy sweat pants with some heels and a shirt. So it’s all about mixing it up and making it comfy. Below I put some examples from Pinterest so you can get a better idea:


There are so many ways to get your sporty chic game on…it’s all about trying out piece’s and then slowly mixing and matching. I’d say the key items you need to rock this trend would be the following:

1. Sneakers – no matter the brand/style/ colour you prefer, sneakers are a MUST. I’d say they really are a must in any girls wardrobe anyways…I mean they are soooo comfy and you can rock them with anything from jeans to a frilly dress.  So you need these regardless girl haha.

2. I’d say a bomber jacket of some sort is also a popular piece when going sporty. You can find these pretty much anywhere and in a range of prices. So go find one in a colour you can mix and match easily with…especially for your first one.  Keep it simple so you can rock it more often.

3. Track pants – they don’t have to be a brand name like Adidas or Nike…you can get the same sort of style ones from Mr Price for a fraction of the moola. These you can rock with heels or with those comfy sneakers. Both ways are ab fab!

4. Lastly I’d say a hoodie or sweatshirt is the last key piece you’d need.  Again it doesn’t need to be Adidas etc but it should be slightly baggy and not too tight fitting, so it can give you that edgy-comfy vibe. This can be worn with your sweatpants and heels/sneakers or even with a skirt/trousers. You really can mix and match these pieces mentioned above, pretty much any which way you like.  So have fun with it!! That’s what fashion is all about.

So once again, every day this week I’m gonna post my different Sporty looks that I wore each day. Below is my first outfit from today:



I thought I’d keep it comfy and warm today with my fave grey Adidas sweats from Total Sports. I paired them with a chunky knit from Cotton On, A faux leather jacket from Superbalist, and some Nude heel’s from Forever21. I usually opt for the sneakers side of this trend but thought I would go outside my box today and try spice it up with sweats and heels instead.

I hope you guys will keep an eye out on my Instagram for my other outfits this week…and really go give this trend a try for yourself!

Chat again next week.


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