Hey there guys.

Gosh so first week of August down….and not much left of 2017! Eeek….

This week I wanted to chat about some essential pieces that should be in every lady’s wardrobe. They are classic and timeless pieces, so really think of investing in good quality when it comes to these items. I’m all for fashion bargains and getting things as affordable as possible – but there is definitely a time and place for investing money into classic pieces, that will be in your wardrobe for years to come.

So to start the list off…it’s one of my fave things to wear all year round…it’s A DENIM JACKET: 

So I currently own two.  I have this oversized baggy black one which I just got from Mr Price. I do love this one but I don’t think the baggy style will be trendy forever so I didn’t invest too much in this piece.


However my other one is a faded rugged light coloured  denim jacket, that I bought in America. I think it’s from American Eagle and at the time it was not cheap, but I adored it. I have had this for about 5 yrs now and it isn’t going anywhere (sorry Eugene haha – my fiancé hates it). I do have to be careful as when I’m very pale it can wash me out. So I usually wear it in summer or at least when I have some fake tan on lol.

Next up is the ever so popular – PARKA JACKET:

These are available in so many different colours but I opted to go for the original army green one.  This one is from Pick ‘n Pay clothing (and wasn’t as cheap as you’d think when hearing PnP) but the fabric is so soft and lightweight enough for me to wear in spring/autumn with dresses yet also I layer it and wear it in chilly winter. I honestly wear this jacket so often,  it is so easy to style and doesn’t need much or any thought

Next on the list…a pair of OVER THE KNEE BOOTS:

I own two pairs,both of which happen to have been gifts haha. They were both great bargains though and I wear them constantly in winter. You can wear them with a simple outfit like jeans and a jersey and it just elevates the look when you pop those over the knee bad boys on. Adds a bit of sexy….

In this pic I paired mine with a t/shirt dress from The Fix for more of a spring time look.

Ok So the next Item is actually A STRIPED TOP, but whilst we were shooting this little fella came over to say hey…so I had share a few of him too lol.

Ok so even though Eyore decided to join us you can still see my outfit. A striped top, whether its a t/shirt or long sleeve is such a handy and classic item to own. It goes with so much and the stripes can be different thicknesses or colour. I just think a navy and white stripe is the classic colour to opt for.

Then below you will see the next item on the list….a PAIR OF BLACK JEANS:

Now this is something I always struggle with…finding the perfect pair of jeans. Ok so I struggle because I’m 6ft tall and have a curvy figure, so finding the right fit and length is almost impossible. However if you find that pair that fits you just right and makes you feel good – then you are set!! Experiment with different styles and different stores…you never know what will look good until you try! So jeans in general are a must, but especially black jeans. All girls feel skinnier in black right? haha. They go with anything, any top, any style of shoes and can be worn day and night.

The next must is A “LEATHER” JACKET:

So I say Leather in inverted commas because it doesn’t have to be real to be a must!

It’s just the style and leather look that you need. Mine is definitely not real but I still love it. Whether its over a white tee with jeans or a girly summer dress…it just adds that bit of edge and “cool chic” to any outfit. There are sooooooo many styles, trimmings, lengths and colours available nowadays…so just keep trying on until you find what works for your shape and height.  I used to have a slightly more cropped one, that I bought in America a few years ago, and I wore it do death. Literally….it died and had to go to perfect jacket heaven. I was gutted as it went with EVERYTHING  and was the perfect cut or me. So I really struggled to find a replacement. Then I discovered this one on Superbalist 2yrs ago and was over the moon. It is nothing like my other one but it still works really well for my shape and style.

Next up you can actually see 3 of my essentials in play…..1. My stripped top. 2. A PAIR OF WHITE SNEAKERS and 3. A TRENCH COAT

First lets talk sneakers. You can go brand name, you can have platform, with detail or metalics on the side, you can plain, you can get any kind of variation and style that you love. As long as it’s white! They are comfy and just basically easy going and effortless. Ok I know I say I love almost every item I talk about…but I really do love a white sneaker. I think women have been wearing white sneakers for yonks. If I think back to the movie Grease…I can picture them with their midi skirts and little white sneakers. haha

So definitely get yourself a pair if you don’t already have one! People sometimes think, ugh but their white and will get dirty.Yes they do- but you can clean em and even throw em in da wash and they’ll be grand gurl!

Then there is the classic trench coat. This really is a classic item and will definitely be in your wardrobe for years. I wear mine with jeans all the time. Also over a cute dress for dinner…so you options are limitless. Not to mention you again can gt it in different colours, fabrics, and lengths. So you will need to look around a bit to find one that suits you. But you WILL NOT  regret this one ladies.

Lastly…. who doesn’t love a good BLAZER:

This one I wore during my work wear trend last month so you might have already seen this pic. I have 2 blazers which are my faves. One is a classic black ‘Georgio Armani’ one (thrift store find – could not afford a spanking new one sorry lol) and my baby pink ‘Mango’ one.  Again rock these with a pair of jeans, sneakers and a tee. It doesn’t have to be worn like a suit. I love to mix up smart and casual items together in an outfit. Play around and have fun. These will always be a classic item to own…so go for it! Try pick a neutral or one coloured jacket if you don’t own any (as apposed to a bright print) so that you can wear it countless times and not be tied down or struggle to match it with stuff.


So those were just a few of the essentials I think every women should have in her closet. I could keep going on all day but I’m pretty sure i’d put some of you to sleep haha.

So I might do another list some other time…but for now get cracking on these babies, as they are definitely the top pieces on my must have list.

Have a great week further lovelies.

Chat again soon.

The Giraffe


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