Hey everyone,

So as I’m sure you can tell, this week I am chatting about the IT shoes of the moment…SNEAKERS!!

To start off with, do you guys know how sneakers got their name? Well let’s start this blog off with a bit of trivia then, cause I sure didn’t know this….

“Before shoes were made with rubber soles they had solid bottoms so were quite loud when walking. Sneakers got their name because when the user walked they wouldn’t make a sound, making it easy to sneak around.” The Idle Man

So not only are they comfy but they help make us silent ninja’s lol.

Nowadays sneakers are seen everywhere and are worn by pretty much everyone. So today I just thought I’d share some of my fave sneakers that I own as well as a few good ones I have spotted online recently, in case you in the market to expand on your collection haha.

So I think I realised my sneaker addiction had become an actual thing,  after purchasing these babies below. I had mostly, up until then, been addicted to my white converse style sneakers, but had started really wanting a more sporty looking sneakers like the Nike ones which which became popular at the time. So then I came across these one day in a local shop here in Hermanus, called Sportzone, and I had to have them.

I think they were about R250 at the time (about a year ago) and they looked identical to the Nike ones – just minus the swoosh. I couldn’t decide what colour I wanted more…the grey or red ones. So I ended up choosing the grey as they seemed to be the more versatile choice. However a few days later I got paid and had still been dreaming about the red pair so ran back for them immediately…(Oi vey) Can I just say these are the comfiest shoes and are so insanely lightweight. Happy to report both pairs are still going strong and are both worn so much. They actually still sell them at the shop here in Herms…just in case yo are interested lol.

These next ones were a steal…I got them from Pep stores a few months ago and were around R109. They are also dead comfy and look just like a pair converse….just a lot less moola. So if you are on a budget definitely check out Pep stores. (No judging please).

These nude ones I was over the moon when I spotted them at Pep last month. They are such a cute colour and will work great in summer with dresses too. Obviously due to the fact they are made more wallet friendly – they wont last forever…but if you just want to wear them for a season until you can afford to upgrade to a better pair…then definitely give these a try. They were around R120, and are made in a “leather” style fabric.

Now these aren’t exactly your typical lace up sneaker shoe…but they are in the same kinda boat. Picked these up a year or so ago from Cotton on, on sale for R70. I love the added detail of the studs to give it some edge. These slip-on style shoes are easy to throw on with a pair of jeans and are just handy to have in your wardrobe.

These are my pride and joys and my most expensive sneakers to date. My Adidas babies were partially a gift from me mudder… and then I paid the other half. They are like wearing a pair of socks and are so comfy and supportive on your foot, it’s ridiculous. I am already eyeing my next pair. (They are addictive – that’s how comfy they are – I’m sorry.) I wear these workout in and even just in my day to day style too.

So yes, these are not your every day “budget friendly” sneaker…but keep an eye out for the sales, as they can go for about half off (full price is just over R1100 or up). Definitely something worth investing in!

Lastly…I found these black sneakers again, in a local little shop here in Hermanus, but was so excited as they look similar the yeezy/Adidas sneakers. And were only R150! I am so impressed with these as they didn’t cost an arm and leg, yet are so well made and feel like a quality shoe. They are comfy and also wear like socks on your feet.

Now onto the ones I have recently been perving on online lol.

This pair below, looks so similar to my black cheapies I got…but I love the metalic detail:

(Found here on Spree)


If you love  the embroidery trend like I do…then you are gonna love these pretty babies below: (Found here on Spree)


These have such a pretty cut out side detail as well as are a perfect neutral in this soft grey colour : (Again, found here on spree)


These are perfect for a more sporty look, and not to mention they look so comfy too. And yes… I do have a thing for grey haha: (click here to see on Spree)


If you love a cute, classic, white sneaker like I do…these are super budget friendly and so cute for all year round: (click here to view on Spree)


These ones are so affordable but I also love the rich red colour which can be cute to add a little colour to your casual looks: (Last one from Spree promise haha)


Last pair…I had to share these cuties I saw from Mr Price…again uber affordable and have a hint of that embroidery trend…and bonus…they are pink! tee hee.

(click here to see on


Ok guys…so that’s all from me. I’m done rambling about sneakers for today lol.

I hope you guys at least got some ideas of new styles you can try and look out for. There are some real beauties out there at the moment. So go forth and try….

Chat again next week lovelies!


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