Howdy guys,

So for this week’s blog post I thought Id share some of my sale finds over the last month or so.

What women doesn’t get happy when they hear that beautiful 4 letter word…..SALE!

Even the ladies out there who aren’t huge shoppers, who just wanna pop in and grab that one item they really need, even you have to happy to know that you could save some moola, on even just that one essential item.

So around this time most shops are having a sale to empty he old before bringing in the new. So sometimes it can be bust as they might not have pieces you like left over or they might just be out of your size (curses!!) but you can find some real beauties if you willing to look.

So I am currently trying to focus on finding beautiful summer pieces, as that season is slowly approaching us and not to mention my wedding is in November, so I have lots of family and friends coming over to South Africa then (Eeek – cant wait). So I am trying to keep that in mind and not get sucked into buying more winter jumpers etc. Although it is actually the perfect time to get pretty winter pieces at a steal for next winter….but focus Katya…summer…we need summer items….mostly haha.

So below I have some (mostly) summer steals that I scored on sale.

I found this beautiful off the shoulder top at Woolworths last month and I love it. It’s a very pale blue – almost white shade. It is so soft and breezy and that added little frill detail just makes it that much cuter. If you don’t know already – summer is going to be all about the off the shoulder! Just make sure it is isn’t too tight and pops up every time you move your arms (annoying deluxe).  This cutie was on sale for R200, but as I have a woolies card I scored extra off so it came to R175.

Next I scored these gorgeous little shorts on sale at Zara. I adore Zara’s clothing but it isn’t my every day store to shop -budget wise. However their prices on sale are ridiculous. They are so comfy and fit me perfectly. Sometime I find short uncomfortable and can be unflattering as I don’t always love my legs in them (one of my insecurities is my thighs like most ladies). However I felt really confident and cute in these. I can see myself wearing them with just a cute Tee or even a shirt and heels like in the pic. ( Top is from The Fix by the way).

I stumbled across this next top on sale at River Island. Again not always my budget friendly type of shop but I do adore their clothing. So when I saw the prices of some of the pieces on sale I was ecstatic. This pretty little ink number was originally R800 and I go it for just under R200. It’s great to pair with a pair of jeans and has this lovely oriental feel to it.

I had seen this top on Instagram a few weeks ago from Mr Price but sadly our store in our little town didn’t have it yet. So when I came across it in another branch I was so pleased – it is super soft and comfy and I love the kinda rocker feel to it. Can be worn with jeans or even a cute little skirt in summer. Retails for R99.

Ok so I did warn you it was mostly summer sale purchases haha…this was the exception. I found this sweatshirt in Cotton on on sale and I had to at least try it on right? I loooove camo and actually do have a shortage of easy to wear sweatshirts. SO…after trying it on and feeling how soft and cozy the inside of it was…I had to. (Stop shouting at me mom!) lol. It was on sale for R200 and I have already worn it too many times ha ha.

Now this next item wasn’t on sale but I thought I’d share it for my ladies who struggle to find jeans.  I seriously have jean envy when I see how easy it can be for some women to find jeans – they can go into any store at it’s merely just finding a style they like. However, not only am I tall, but I ain’t no twig, so I struggle finding jeans that are a)long and b) fit my curves right. I found this pair at Topshop and I was in love after trying them on. They are stretchy yet firm so I feel held in in the right places yet not stiff and unable to bend or move. They were a bit more pricey but for good jeans I don’t mind spending a bit more. These retail for about R789, so if you too are interested in a better quality pair of jeans, yet can’t afford to spend that flat out…definitely look into getting an Edgars account then. Most Edgars have a Topshop, River Island and other stores under their roof too. So it’s a great way to get what you want and then you can pay it off. Just don’y go crazy – you do still have to pay it off remember.

Also while I was in Mr Price looking for my rocker tee – I spotted these cute flats.I have a similar pair in brown “suede” that I got last year and I have worn them to death already. So I thought this was a great colour as would go with anything and is perfect for summer. Retails for R99.

Then absolute last sale find was at Lovisa – I have been wanting one of these bracelets that attach to your finger for ages. I had one years ago and it broke sadly. So I got this pack with the bracelete-ring piece that had stackable rings too. Love the soft rose gold colour! This whole pack was only R50 and they had so many other styles too so definitely go check it out for your jewellery fix.

So that is all from me guys and gals…

I hope you all have a fabulous week ahead of you and definitely go check out your favourite stores to see what beauties you can score for a bargain.

Just a little warning though – do shop wisely ladies. I know that sale sign can be so alluring and makes you feel like you want to buy it just casue it’s on SALE…but do try to think if you need it, does it really add to your wardrobe, do you have countless ones like it already, is it really worth it or could you do without it.

Other than that, happy shopping and I’ll chat again next week!

The Giraffe



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