Hey there guys!
Sorry for being so erratic this last month with my blog post’s – had a few ups and downs health wise so kept getting set back with taking pics and content to upload. 

But all good now and ready to get back into action. So, this week I wanted to chat about this pretty dress I found last month at The Fix. It’s such a perfect summer dress – flowy,  girly and just an all around easy one to throw on in hot weather.  

Not only do I want to show you guys this pretty dress – but I wanted to show you how I would wear it for 3 different occasions. The reason I wanted to show you guys this,  is because I think it’s really important when buying an item of clothing,  that you to try think of how you would wear it. With what pieces you could wear it with, that you already own. Can you dress it up and down. Or is there only one way you could think to wear it. All important things to ask yourself before dishing out that moolah, just so you not restricting yourself with pieces or getting something you won’t wear much. 

So here is the first way I would wear this summer dress – I could keep it comfy and casual with a denim jacket and some sneakers: 

The next way I would wear this dress would be to dress it up a bit for a night out with friends or even just date night – so I would add some edge to it with my leather jacket and a pair of boots:

Then the third way I would style it, is to keep it simple on a summer’s day with a pair of flats or even sandals: 

So that was my 3 ways I would style this pretty summer dress.  I’m all for floral and flowy fabrics but it’s good to know I can dress it up and down for different occasions. So I know it’s a winner! 

Try remember those questions to ask yourself, next time you’re considering buying something. It really does help – although I’m not gonna lie, I know it’s hard to not just get caught up in the excitement of this cool new item you’ve found, and just purchase it without thinking of what you own to go with it. I too make that mistake! But…I’m trying and getting much better at it. Lol.

Well that’s all for this week lovelies.

Have a fabulous week ahead.

Chat soon. 


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