Hey guys,

So I thought I would take this chance to talk  about something I love doing and I really believe everyone needs to do this at least once a year!

I’m talking about…giving yourself a wardrobe cleanse.

As women, we go through phases in a our style and tend to change the type of clothes we gravitate towards every so often. This is so common and normal…as fashions change, our figures change and also our lifestyles changes. So all of the above will undoubtebly change the way we dress. So we need to make sure we don’t hang on to pieces that have no place in our wardrobe anymore. 

They say people come into our lives for a reason,  a season or a lifetime…And I believe the same goes for our clothes! Some pieces we get for a specific reason – maybe a themed birthday party we had or someone gifted it to us but we don’t really dig it. Some enter our wardrobe for a mere season – that cute jersey you loved last winter but maybe isn’t looking so good anymore or you feel you have worn it to death and are over it….so it now gets pushed to the back. Then some pieces we get for a lifetime – those pure classics that we invested in, that will never date and we always feel fabulous in! 

So now it’s time to weed out the unwanted, the unflattering, the ones past their sell-by date’s…from the winners and keepers.

Step 1: you are going to have to create 3 piles for your clothes. The ALWAYS, The SOMETIMES and The NEVER pile – regarding how often you wear the items.

 Great! But now….Step 2: Now you need to go through your Always and Sometimes piles and you are gonna have to be critical. This can be heard because we like to think with our hearts – aww but it’s so cute, I might wear that one day,  but I bought that on that trip we took, but so-and-so gave it to me….try not to do that!  Be tough . Think with your head (mostly). 

Ask yourself….

– Does is still fit? 

– Is it truly flattering?

– Is it damaged at all? If so, can it be fixed? 

– Is it comfortable?

– Does it make me feel happy when it’s on?

– Can I wear it different ways with different pieces in my wardrobe?

If you answered No to any of those, then it needs to be moved to the Never pile…which we will discuss just now.

Step 3: It’s also import you analyse the Always and Sometimes piles for style. Try decide where your style is now and where you want it to be…do the items you’re keeping match that? Cleansing your wardrobe will also help you to determine what you are lacking/missing and now you know what to keep an eye out for in future shopping trips. 

Step 4: Now that you have your winners, turn your attention to the Never pile.  You also need to analyse these items – decide what pieces are way past their sell by date and need to be tossed right into the trash, and what items you could sell/donate. 

Step 5: Lastly, it’s now time to put all the surivers back into your closet…but now is also a great time to organise. Try put everything back in an easy to see and easily reached place. It will make it much easier to plan your outfits in the morning and save you a lot of time hunting for things/ forgetting they are even there. 

Now hop to it ladies….go get busy and make your life much easier and happier. 

As I said earlier,  try to this at least once a year. It honestly helps so much. I actually like to do it at the end of each of winter and end of summer. So I have just done one myself. To get rid of the unwanted winter goodies and prepare my closet for my summer pieces to move back in.

Have a  great week guys and gals. I hope these tips and tricks helped you out a bit and inspired you to give them a try yourself. 


The Giraffe



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