Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting in a while, I was struggling with this whole “Instagram shadowban” thing and figured it was better to take a step back for a little bit. Which also gave me time to focus on all the planning and organising that’s going on at the moment for our upcoming wedding day. 

Now that I’m back in the swing of things I was dying to tell you all about my new locks! 

When I started thinking about what I was going to do with my hair on the big day…at first I thought Id keep it short and not let my hair interfere with the special dress. However after doing some research, I came across ‘Clip-in Hair’ on Instagram. I actual saw that a girl I knew had won a competition with them and saw pics of her with her extensions in. I immediately contacted her and she just raved about them!  I was hooked….so for months I had the idea in the back of my head. Then as the day drew nearer, I really thought about what fun it would be to have long hair again.

I do love having short hair at times, so I wasn’t quite ready to go the permanent route yet. Not to mention, my wallet definitely wasn’t ready for that big of a splurge (eek). So clip-in hair extensions were perfect for me. I had used clip-in extensions year ago in the States, so I knew how fab they were and how easy they were to use. So finally decided to put some money aside and go for it.

Last month, one Saturday, I went to visit the Clip-in-Hair studio in Cape Town. As soon as I got there I loved it – the interior is so on point and just to die for. Pretty Rose gold and blush pink touches everywhere –  a girls “2017 office goals” come to life. 

So the lovely lady at the studio assisted me by matching their sample extensions to my hair to find what I wanted. They have so many natural shades as well as some funky ombre colours too. When we picked a good shade for me, I took a seat in their fabulous blush pink velvet chair…where she proceeded to show me how to clip in the pieces and where each piece should go.

So this was my before:

Then please welcome rapunzel to the party!!!

I was like a giđdy little girl when I first saw them in! Couldn’t stop touching them and just beaming from ear to ear! It was exactly what I wanted. Natural (in colour) and natural looking too. They blended so well with my own short hair. Their hair extensions are made from real Indian hair so it has no fake plastic shine to it and feels like your own.  

So after deciding that I would go for that shade and for the 160g extensions (medium thickness) the lady then put in what would be my own extension. 

I really am so amazed at how they had a shade that matched my hair exactly as my hair is a difficult shade of very dark brown but with a slight red shine. But I truly love the end result. I was also given knowledge on how best to take care of my extensions to help them look fabulous all the time.  Clip-in Hair also sell these great hangers, for R100, which hold your extensions without damaging them and also make it so easy to curl/straighten them when desired.  

Now when it come’s to the cost of my extensions…I realise this really isn’t something everyone can just buy on a whim. Hence I did suggest that if you do want to get yourself some,  put a little moola aside each month and you can get some in no time and guilt free. 

If you go for a lighter weight/thickness extensions, the cost is less. However to achieve a good thickness with my hair, I felt the medium thickness was best for me.  So mine were just over R2000 and for what you get, is a great deal.  As I said they are real human hair. So they can be washed,  heat styled, and easily placed to achieve different hairstyles. They will last me a long time (obviously if well looked after) and I can use them whenever rapunzel wants to come out and say hey. They are definitely cheaper than getting permanent hair extensions and also less damaging to your hair.  So I really can’t recommend them enough.  I loved my experience at Clip-in-hair…but they also have an online shop option if you do not live in Cape Town, but still want to get hold of some of their products. Not to mention they also sell great haircare products too, so lots to choose from. 

As you can see I was really feeling myself with me new do and couldn’t stop taking pics haha. I don’t wear them everyday, just for special occasions. Also this post is nothe sponsored, I’m just sharing something I’m so excited about incase anyone else is keen to give it a try.  

Well that’s all from me this week guys…. 

I hope you have a great week ahead.

Chat soon, 

The Giraffe


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