“Tis the season to be Jolly…fa la la la la…la la la la!”

Ok sorry had to get that off my chest ha ha.

So the season is among us and we are under 2 weeks away from Christmas day.  I find everyone does gift giving a little differently, but in my family we love to fill each others stockings with small cutsey things and then any bigger/ special gifts are kept separate.  Also, even when I’m gifting a friend or other family member a prezzie, I am not one to just give one thing…you can ask all who know me…I always love to give a few goodies together and make like a little goodie bag.  I like to make it a little special and show I have put thought into the gift I’m giving.

So with that all in mind I thought I would share a few cute things that you might enjoy giving others as their stocking fillers or even putting a couple items together and making a little gift bag.

***PLEASE NOTE: If you are my mother…STOP READING!! Sorry mom, kinda used a few of your actual stocking fillers in this post, so don’t be spoil sport and walk away now! Thank you – love you! 🙂

Ok…so to start off, I wanted to share some pampering / mositurising goodies that I have been loving:


What woman doesn’t love a good body lotion/oil to keep her skin silky and smooth!

The first one is this cute little Sorbet Body Butter I found at Clicks. It sells for just under R20 and is the perfect stocking filler size and travel size for keeping moisurised whilst you’re away on holiday. It came in 2 other “scents” if you will but I chose the Balancing and uplifting one…it is so creamy and soft, yet not too heavy.  (They do also sell full sized one’s if you are interested too – not sure of price though, sorry).


This Oh So Heavenly Body Cream is just dreamy (pun intended haha)…It too isn’t too heavy but is a lovely rich formula and I love putting it on after my night time shower before I head off to bed. It smells so pretty and really does have a calming effect.  Sells for R38.95 at Clicks.


This last moisturising product is a body oil by Dove, as part of their new Derma Spa range. I cannot even tell you how soft this leaves my skin feeling! What I really like is that although it is an oil, it doesn’t leave an oily feeling to your skin. It’s fast absorbing but leaves a lovely silky touch to the skin. Although it is a goldy colour liquid it doesn’t add any bronzing kinda glow to your skin if that is what you’re expecting. Just to warn you.


For the coffee lovers this is quite a cute gift, especially if they are like my husband and like a bit of extra flavour with their coffee sometimes. You can buy each of these flavours seperately in a small jar if you prefer but I thought this variety pack was a great stocking filler idea. This way they can try them all out and see which they prefer.

DSC_0465-01Plus, although they are a bit sweeter than plain coffee, there is actually no added sugar, so they aren’t super unhealthy either – bonus. I got this pack at Checkers for R34.99.

Now for the chocolate lovers, like myself, this is a great one. Ferrero Rocher has come out with this cute gift box of choccies called the Golden Gallery. It has the classic Ferrero Rocher balls inside, along with a white, dark and hazelnut assortment as well.

DSC_0468-01Retails for R99 at Checkers…and it was DIVINE!! I embarrassingly enough, ate the whole box all by myself (over a few days though haha).

So Peanut butter cups are finally available in SA. Whippee!! These were one of my faves when I lived in the States.


I found these last week at Checkers for R34. Once  again…ate them all myself. Eek! Perfect little stocking addition for a choc lover.

The next idea for someone with a sweet tooth would be these yummy cookies.


I was given them as a gift last year and didn’t think I’d like them as I’m not an orange “flavour” lover. But damn these mini cookies are just so morish! ( I shared these with my husband I swear). These are R39.95 at Clicks.

For the Jewellery lovers…Lovisa is the place to go. They have a huge assortment of funky and classic jewellery styles. Plus they always have great sales and offers on. Like these earrings I bought on the “5 for R100” special. I bought 3 pairs for my mom for her stocking (I really hope she has stopped reading by now! haha) and then got 2 pairs for myself. I mean really – 5 pairs of studs for only R100! Just crazy! Perfect to add to your little goodie bag gift.


Now for the bag lovers…this might not be everyone’s taste…but it was calling my name. I needed a cute evening bag/ smaller bag I could use when going out for dinner kinda thing. I saw this Michael Kors knock off and I loved how good it looked. The dark and light brown colours were just a perfect classic for me. I used it all the time on our holidays recently, and it is great quality for the price.

DSC_0477-01This one retails for about R250 at China Town. They do have other styles and colours too if you are interested.

For the girly-girl who is in love with Pink. These two are great ideas for her.


First up this gorgeous nudey/pink liquid matt lipstick from City Girl Beauty. It is a South African brand made by a fellow South African blogger. So I was so keen to try one out and support a local business.


When I saw this nude shade I was so excited as I struggle to find the perfect pink shade of nude for my skin tone (one that doesn’t make me look dead). So obviously I ordered this one first. It is a great formula, it doesn’t dry your lips out and stays put for ages! Plus they are VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE & PARABEN FREE. Whoop whoop!  They sell for R120 each (there are other colours too). She also has a great range of other beauty products too…so click here to go take a peek at the site.

Then there is this cute little purse from Colette Hayman. I desperately needed something slim and small to fit in my smaller sized bags (like MK one above). So came across this and it was perfect.


It has plenty space for notes, your essential cards and coins too. All while looking stylish and in the cutest blush pink colour.  It’s called the ‘mini plate purse’ and it costs around R180. (sorry I threw the tag away and can’t remember exact price). Comes in a variety of colours.

Next up is some trendy eyewear but at a super affordable price. These two are from Third Eyewear and most of their sunglasses sell for R289 each. They have so many styles, shapes and colours to chose from. Follow them on Instagram or visit their store.


For the one who loves to make their home smell amazing…this vanilla scented candle from Cotton On is perfect. You can pick whatever letter/Initial you want and it comes in a a really cute white and Rose Gold box. They retail for R199 and smell so yummy.

Another one for the Home decor lovers are these pretty candles and candle holders from woolworths. The pink one is a pretty candle holder and the blue one is a candle.


The candle holder is R130 and the candle is R170.

Ok so who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Crazy people that’s who! It’s a favourite from the old to the young so it’s a great gift…especially at Christmas time. Ok our weather here in South Africa might not be ideal for hot coco but it’s symbolic of this time of year, so we must just struggle through it to be festive haha.


This 1kg bag is at Checkers for about R75.

Ok so the last gift idea is one for the jet setter.


These clever luggage tags will not only help you identify your bags in a jiff…but give a few people a chuckle as they read it. They are at Clicks for R59.95

So that’s all my stocking filler ideas for this year guys! I really hope I helped give you an idea or two…

Enjoy the rest of your week and keep is festive and Jolly.

Chat soon.

The Giraffe



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